During the turbulence and the tranquility of nearly two centuries, Beaufort West has been a haven for travelers in the vastness that is the Great Karoo. Down these many years, the stream of travelers has been without end - explorers, scientists, officials, fortune hunters, artists, actors, journalists, outlaws, simple working folk and one of the largest armies ever to leave Britain's shores and the Boer soldiers they had come to fight.

Beaufort West lies in the heart of the central Karoo and one of the main attractions is the Karoo National Park where you can visit the Fossil trail, go hiking, birding and just explore the natural Karoo.

The Arts and Crafts village in Beaufort West offers visitors a chance to experience and support the local artists. There is a local non-profit comunity organisation called Karoo Culture established by the artists for the artists which aims to uplift, market and empower the artists in the local community.

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Please note: We have borehole water on the property.

13 Bird Street, Beaufort West
Western Cape, South Africa,